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'Hein's 3' Its Never Black And White

When something is 'black and white' we refer to a subject as being clear and distinct

In photography this creates a fascinating paradox; considering the fact that we are removing an essential element of the image, the colour, we should therefore be moving further away from a clear and distinct image...right?

When choosing a subject to photograph we often chase the most majestic sunset hues, the greenest rolling hills or the most vibrant flower out on full display

This is natural as this is the way we perceive things in real life. We are programmed to notice and experience the world around us in its full, saturated glory

However..when we remove something as valuable as colour, we are redirected to focus on a multitude of other elements we may not have noticed in real life

Texture, lines, contrast

In absence of colour we can dive even further into the infinite grandeur of this planet we inhabit. It often feels like we can reach out and feel the textures, hear the breeze as the water crashes and slides over the rocks and even smell the grass draped into the distance

It's as if our other senses become more engaged as we redirect our vision to less colour information. Things become clear and distinct

Perhaps this is why a classic black and white image will never grow old; it allows us to experience a scene in a way we otherwise would never be able to

Therefore next time it is grey outside or the hills have lost their luminous green shine, there may still be one more image left to capture before you pack the camera away for the day

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