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'Hein's 3' The Storm Before The Calm

In an ever increasing fascination to capture the beauty of Mother Nature, I've been immersing myself not only visually but also physically within the elements shaping this environment

The latest expedition had both me and most of my gear completely soaked from head to toe..whatever it takes to get the shot, right?

We often enjoy observing life from afar, even though it can be equally spectacular getting up close and personal with one's subject

There is an intimacy that takes place when you let your guard down, a glimpse into the life that exists within each and every moment

In this particular encounter I met none other than the ocean herself; a force strong enough to carve rock, yet gentle enough to nourish life itself

She seemed playful and stern at the same time, forcing me off the boulder I purged myself on with a swift, cold shove..and waving goodbye with a gentle twirl as I looked back one last time


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