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'Hein's 3' The Time Machine

In a magical naive attempt to absorb as much life and beauty as possible, we often come face to face with the ever questionable viability of time-travel

Wouldn't it be great to travel not only from one location to the next, but also skip forwards and backwards to any given moment we'd like to recollect?

We often link the memory of a location not only to the visuals we've perceived, but also with the smell of the grass, the sensation of a breeze, or even the taste of a satisfying bite enjoyed at an exact, perfect moment

Through photography it's therefore fascinating to imagine activating not only visual excitement in a viewer, but potentially also activating memory in the form of all other senses; teleporting someone to a time decorated with fond memories they can smell, hear and even feel again..for a brief moment

In order to accomplish this 'small' feat, the correct tool is therefore required; as with many other things in life I've learned that there is often no single tool for the job, but mostly a very specific and effective combination of tools that will get the job done in any given moment

In my case, for the task of time-travel, I've found a certain combination to be quite sufficient; one propelling me forward, and one capturing the past

As the sun sets on another breathtaking day in the Sunshine Coast, I shall continue my journey as time-traveller and collect as many moments as possible along the way

Hein Kotze'

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