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'Hein's 3' Tilt Your Perspective

As a photographer, of any skill level, we have an amazing opportunity to not only capture this wonderful world around us, but to also engage viewers in rediscovering its beauty from a brand new perspective

To quote a song by the band Mumford and Sons; 'Lend me your eyes I can change what you see'

What a great privilege we have to do this through the imagery we create

I've lately been rediscovering some of our regular spots by simply observing them from a different point of view

Whenever we have friends or family come visit, we take them on a loop around the area to show them this amazing place we live in. This means that I have recently been to all these places multiple times and have photographed them multiple times

The last time I went out with a good friend of mine from Pretoria (who also shoots a lot), I decided to stop looking 'around', but rather look up....and down

What I discovered was truly refreshing and made me fall in love with these locations all over again

Therefore, next time you are out..tilt your perspective by simply tilting your point of view

PS: All images taken with my phone whilst having my guests soak in the various locations

Hein Kotze

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