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'Nicolas's 3' Hallelujah!

Here's a few more images taken with long exposure

I was trying to take a different angle of the wreck of the Hallelujah and came across this piece that had broken off from the main part of the vessel

The image was taken with a 30 second exposure and an aperture of f11. The long exposure allowed me to create a scene where the ocean, which is constantly moving, becomes milky and soft. Giving it a dreamy look

For this I used the same technique but shot this at f13 to ensure the rocks are sharp and in focus right through the image

This image was a stack of 6 images, all taken at 1.3 seconds with an aperture of f22. I blended the final image in Adobe Photoshop to keep the sky realistic and also show the motion of the ocean


You can contact Nicolas on +27 61 506 9433

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