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'Nicolas's 3' Wide or Long?

The 'norm' with landscape photography is to always use the widest lens in your arsenal. This helps you capture the landscape, or seascape in my case, in all its glory

This, however, need not be the case or rule. Rules are meant to be broken!

The first image was taken at a pretty wide angle, about 19mm on an APSC camera body, and shows as much of the scene as I could

For the second image, I used a telephoto lens, 150mm on an APSC body. This will be very similar to a 200mm zoom on a full-frame camera. I used this lens at it's maximum zoom length to compress the landscape and bring the hills on the other side of the bay closer

For my last image, I used the long lens again, but used a technique called 'Panning' where I kept the shutter open for a full second while rotating the camera on a tripod. This created an abstract feel looking more like graphic art than an actual photograph


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