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'Pierre's 3' Divine Bovine

I heard a dairy farmer refer to the phenomena of a happy, content dairy cow, producing higher quality milk

If there is any truth to that, then surely the dairy cows that populate the farms along the coastal Golden Mile road behind Cannon Rocks must be producing liquid gold!

They certainly don't look stressed

A few trivial stat's. We're using averages. That mama on the right up there, a typical Jersey, might do 5 lactations in her lifetime, producing 4500 litres of milk and 200 kilograms of thick yellow cream per lactation

You read that right..22 500 litres of milk and 1000 kilograms of delicious cream (grass based)

We are not going to mention names and places here, but lets say a very large dairy operation might milk up to 20 000 of those cows a day, 365 days a year

Yes...Qualified...Go ahead and say it...Holyyy Cowww!!

With reasonable rainfall, these beauties live on lush green grass year round. Excess grass is baled for dry-spell insurance

Lets hope they appreciate the view!

'The Golden Mile' refers to property value along this highly productive coastal stretch

These beautiful farms very very seldom come up on the market, and when one does, stand back for the price!


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