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'Pierre's 3' To the East..To The West

Roughly Eastward of Cannon Rocks..

lies the Kwaaihoek region of the Eastern Cape, South Africa, which consists of an 8 kilometre stretch of dunefield between Boknes and Bushman's River

The rate of dune movement is recorded as 2.9 meters per year

A pleasant beach hike from Boknes to Bushman's River passes an outcrop where the Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias planted a 'padrao', or cross here in 1488

Roughly Westward of Cannon Rocks, Cape Padrone marks an even larger dunefield

A 2020 article in DispatchLive cites "The remains of a mysterious ship that emerged from the sands at Cape Padrone in September, have sparked scientific investigation, and remind us of maritime misfortunes buried beneath the beaches of the Eastern Cape" Glen Hollands

A handful of residents here have strolled the 70 km stretch, comfortably 4 days of pristine beach and 3 nights under the stars, starting at Cannon Rocks, passing Cape Padrone and ending up at Colchester halfway to Port Elizabeth

8 kilometres offshore, Bird Island comes into view. Home to (among a number of other species) the planet's largest Gannetery, some 200 000 Cape Gannets, and 5700 African Penguins

Magnificence and history abound...

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