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Ron's 3 For The Week!

"My family and I decided to take a sabbatical from our fast paced Johannesburg life, and spend a year in Cannon Rocks

Little did we know that the world would be taking a sabbatical with us

Our successful little safari business was severely impacted by the pandemic and the lockdowns that followed

We have extended our stay for 2021, and hope to be able to regroup and buy a piece of this paradise, Cannon Rocks

We are very grateful for having been here through the lockdowns. The beauty, the wonderful environment and warm community offset our business losses

Lockdown in Cannon Rocks also served as an inspiration, for me, to start taking pictures. That interest has now developed into a passion!

I was thinking about what the pictures mean to me

Developing an eye for photography translates to noticing and appreciating what is around me

So in a sense, these images reflect my appreciation

These are some of my very favourite pic's. They speak to me of turning back the hands of time...

to a place with a slower pace...

and of innocence"

Ron MacKenzie

instagram @ronmack76

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