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'Ron's 3' I'm Lichen it!

Ron has been out on the trail

"Whilst Cannon Rocks residents enjoy breathtakingly beautiful coastal vista's, we are also blessed with floral delights, on display along The Cannon Trail

One can expect to see a variation of flowers, trees, grasses and more...there is much to observe, photograph and learn

These are lichens that you might see while exploring the trail

From my brief research, there are said to be as many as 17 000 species of lichen worldwide, with four basic growth forms. Crustose, Squamulose, Foliose and Fruticose

Im looking forward to learning more, and I encourage you to walk the trail, take in the views, capture some images, and above all...enjoy the fresh air!

It is said that lichens love clean air, and are great barometers of such

Keep in mind that I'm still learning, and would appreciate being guided on any facts that I may have missed out on

Equally, please feel free to share any interesting information about lichens, that you might know"

Ron MacKenzie

Instagram @ronmack76

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