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'Ron's 3' Use A Long Lens..

Cannon Rocks, The Woody Addo and Sunshine Coast boast many stunning sights and we are often captivated by these magnificent views...we have plenty of them to take in!

Today's post is more about taking in the 'small stuff'

My journey with photography started when we moved to the area, in January 2020 and I'm finding the experience greatly rewarding

The main source of enjoyment is currently that I'm appreciating more and more, of what I see

The next step is the learning process, not only developing photographic skills but finding out more, about the various subject matters

Spider's webs may invoke a feeling of fear, in many, but if you stop and take the time to enjoy all the different designs as well as the way the light is may have a different view

Perhaps use a long lens, if you're an arachnophobe!

Which one of these may not be a spider's web?

Ron MacKenzie

Instagram @ronmack76

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