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The Next Amazing Pot

Kobus at Shipwreck Cottage, Cannon Rocks started out making commercial ware ceramics: mugs, cups, casserole dishes, jugs, and quickly realised that is every potters quest

It is obviously less expensive to buy cups and plates from a homeware shop.

He invented these alternative firing techniques..and got hooked!

'Every time I open a smoke firing or a reduction kiln I get a surprise, nothing is ever the same. I'm always looking forward to the next amazing pot'

I asked Kobus about his profit margin..'That's funny. I've done this since '94, working additional jobs to cover expenses. Now, my self-catering tourist cottage takes care of that. I'm in it for the passion and joy. I'd really like to do this until I drop dead'

'This pot is a product of mixed salts and copper wire, wrapped in tin foil and gas fired..always a surprise!'

'I made these faces after a year of maskwearing. I feel it is a privilege and celebration to experience another person's full face' High fired stoneware with glaze

Another smokefired surprise, this time with subtle greys and browns

You can contact Kobus on +27 84 699 2975

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